2L has created, bought and sold a number of companies. 

2L Management holding AS scrren

Solutions and consultancy regarding default properties.

2L Management Holding A/S is a company engaged in the solution of complex situations that a large number of property projects have ended up in as a result of the financial crisis.

Typically the projects solved are for mortgagees, often banks, who involuntarily come into possession of a default property project or in bankruptcy, in close collaboration with the official receiver.

Solving projects often involves a range of disciplines, ranging from general advice to the establishment of a necessary contractual basis, safeguarding collateral value, the assessment of specific options, ensuring regulatory issues and planning basis and the management of the construction processes.

The company draws on the experience that many years in the real estate development industry and the development of a number of complex projects has given.

Typically, the choice of including experts with broad knowledge and experience adds considerable value to a default project and thereby minimizes the losses that are often entailed with such projects.

The company is headed by Director Holger Brogaard, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2L Ejendomme AS

Investment and dealing in retail properties

2L Ejendomme were established with the objective to invest and deal in well-located retail properties in the Greater Copenhagen area with strong anchor tenants.

The properties are acquired and optimized, and then kept in their own portfolio or sold as solid, depreciable investment property.

DSS Silkeborg

Business sold to Tetra Pak, autumn 2013

Membrane filtration plants for the dairy industry



DSS is a knowledge-based and highly specialized niche company in the development and delivery of membrane filtration technology solutions for the dairy industry.

The company is based in Silkeborg, which for more than 100 years has been known worldwide for producing quality equipment for the dairy industry and the company employs a large proportion of the industry's most experienced experts in their field.

DSS's stringent focus on one technology for one industry has made the company the world's leading supplier of membrane filtration technology for the dairy industry.

This unique position has made the business an attractive asset for the global supplier to the dairy industry, Tetra Pak, which took over DSS Silkeborg A/S in the autum of 2013 where it became a central element in the company's business unit serving the global dairy industry with membrane filtration solutions.

Read more on the company website.


Infare Solutions A/S

Competitor monitoring in the airline industry



Infare Solutions A/S is the market leader in competitor monitoring in the global airline industry, where the company collects, structures and provides competitor data for leading airlines, which is crucial for these companies' business decisions, both tactical and strategic.

2L owns the company along with other investors and the company’s management.

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